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American Fibertek Inc
120 Belmont Drive
Somerset, NJ 08873

Telephone: 877 234 7200



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Company Profile: Located in Somerset, NJ, American Fibertek, Inc. is a leading worldwide supplier of innovative fiber optic and IP communication transmission solutions for video, voice and data applications. With more than twenty-five years of experience in signal transmission, American Fibertek, Inc. has a renowned history of innovation in fiber optic and now IP devices for advanced video surveillance solutions. Included in this is the continued development in hardware, firmware and software products that transmit and monitor network performance and guarantee network continued operation.
Product Profile: As network bandwidth demands increase, the level of transmission performance is more critical. Today, we have Mega-Pixel cameras stressing the limits of the 1 Gig backbone. In the near future, 10 Gig backbones will be the next level required. The IEEE specification for 10 Gig is written around Fiber Optics. With more than a quarter century of experience in signal transmission, AFI is in a unique position as it has a strong history of innovation for advanced video surveillance systems. AFI continues to develop systems that include hardware, firmware and software solutions. AFI focuses on features that will provide an open transition path allowing for a smooth and seamless integration from analog to IP. These products offer a very low cost and reliable high performance transmission systems that will meet the need for expanding speed and bandwidth demands, network and server protection plus be eco-efficient. 



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