Chicago Event Review
August 12, 2008

 IP-in-Action LIVE Chicago - August 12, 2008 - Huge Success -

Take a look at what was discussed and view the presentations (Quicktime movies).

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Registration/Continental breakfast/Exhibits open 
Welcome and Opening Remarks, Susan Brady, Managing Director, IPUG USA
Keynote “The Future of Video for Security & Surveillance,” Steve Hunt, Founder, Hunt Business Intelligence

"The Future of Video for Security & Surveillance"

Corporate and government security technology adoption trends indicate
the need for new solutions, new sales techniques and a new mindset.
This presentation will address how consultants, integrators,
manufacturers and end users can use these indicators to create more
value in security and surveillance. Steve Hunt was named one of the
25 most influential people in the security industry by Security
Magazine and CSO Magazine named him "Industry Visionary" Compass
Award Winner in 2006. Steve is an industry advisor, investor,
futurist and consultant. From 1998 to 2005 he ran security think
tanks at Giga Information Group and Forrester Research. Steve founded
Hunt Business Intelligence to support best practices, investments and
technological innovations related to security. His analysis appears
in newspapers like the Wall Street Journal and many trade magazines,
and he has appeared as a security analyst on MSNBC, CNN and Fox.
Steve authors the popular blog Steve is founder
of Hunt Business Intelligence.

Cisco Network Excellence Program “Issues Deploying Physical Security on IP Networks,” Dennis Charlebois, Director of Product Management & Marketing, Cisco Systems
"Issues Deploying Physical Security On IP Networks"

Dennis' presentation, "Issues Deploying Physical Security on IP
Networks" will address some of the truths and myths of deploying
video surveillance on IP networks, how to prepare networks for
supporting video, bandwidth considerations, scalability, application
interoperability and a vision of the network as an application
platform for all IP enabled devices and applications.
Dennis has over 30 years diverse experience in several high
technology businesses mainly in the area of enterprise/mobile
software and complex integrated building systems. Dennis is currently
the Director of Product Marketing for Cisco's Physical Security
Business. Dennis is responsible for Cisco's product management,
product/technology roadmap, and product marketing in this area.
Emerging Video Standards “Why Are We Letting the Bad Guys Get Away,” Paul Bodell, Chief Marketing Officer, IQinVision View Presentation (Quicktime movie)
"Why Are We Letting the Bad Guys Get Away?"

Lately, we read more and more articles highlighting the fact that an
alarming percentage of installed video systems, as high as 80%, are
unable to provide enough detail to identify suspects or read license
plates. This is not because the technology is lacking; rather, it's
because of the way the technology is being deployed. Bodell's
presentation will focus on emerging standards for designing and
installing IP video systems, including pixels per foot and frames per
second guidelines, that will ensure customers needs are met, and we
all do a much better job catching the bad guy.
Lunch with Exhibits Open
IP Solutions “IP Video Architecture,” Alex Swanson, Solutions Architect, IndigoVision View Presentation (Quicktime movie)

"IP Video Architecture"

In a CCTV system, the data stored can be categorized as either static
configuration data or dynamic site data. Examples of static
configuration data include lists of cameras, lists of users, user
permissions, site structure and maps representing the layout of the
system. Examples of dynamic data includes, video recordings and alarm
details. In many systems both types of data are stored on a central
site server.
Alex Swanson's presentation, "IP Video Architecture" will describe an
approach where the static configuration data and dynamic data are
split and distributed around the network. This approach leads to a
more scalable, resilient and lower cost architecture. Examples will
be given of small, medium and very large systems which employ this
The presentation will give details of network topologies, server
software and workstation software used to deploy distributed IP Video

Video Master Class “How and When to Implement Megapixel Technology,” Adrian Parvulescu, Engineering Manager, JVC Professional Products Company View Presentation (Quicktime movie)
"How and When to Implement Megapixel Technology"
Megapixel camera technology is the newest leap forward in the IP
video surveillance industry and as always with a new technology there
are tradeoffs to beware of on the implementation in the video
surveillance system. Megapixel cameras provide incredible imaging
capability but must be balanced with network and storage requirements
to provide effective additions to IP video surveillance networks.
The presentation will offer insight into the megapixel camera designs
and how to integrate them into the IP network video recording systems.
Download IP Camera Calculator
The Business Case - Real Applications and End User Benefits “IP Access Control and Arlington Park Racetrack,” Dave Williams, VP Sales for Brivo Systems and Chris Martin, Director of Public Safety and Security, Arlington Park View Presentation (Quicktime movie)

"IP Access Control and Arlington Park Racetrack"

IP access control is more than just plugging a piece of hardware onto a network or using a browser to view your data. Dave Williams, VP Sales for Brivo Systems, will provide an overview of three types of IP-based access control: embedded, server-based, and hosted. The session will cover why IP matters, why it's important to understand the differences, the benefits of each, and then, using a case study,
he'll explore how one end user has deployed IP-based access control.
Internationally acclaimed as one of racing's most beautiful settings,
Arlington Park boasts hundreds of thousands of visitors to its
clubhouse and grounds during racing season. Along with Williams,
Chris Martin, Director of Public Safety and Security, will discuss
how Arlington Park chose Brivo Access Control Systems (ACS), and how
he and his staff manage access to secured areas of the grandstand and
the backstretch, a highly regulated area, where more than 2,100
horses are stabled.

Afternoon beverages and snacks/Exhibits open until closing
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