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Altronix Corp
140 58th Street
, Bldg A, 3 W
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Telephone: 718 567 8181



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Primary Business: Altronix is a leading designer and manufacturer of quality low voltage electronics for the security, fire, CCTV, access control markets. Products include: power supply/chargers, access power controllers, NAC power extenders, enclosures, timers, transformers, batteries, relays, siren drivers, and DIN rail products. Altronix has new products for CCTV, and Access Control sectors, which include: Video/Data/Power Integration, Panic Device Power Controllers, Expandable Power Systems and Access Power Controllers.

Product Profile: Rack mount AC and DC and outdoor power supplies for CCTV, Access Control and Security industries, POE (Power over the Ethernet), video transmission products, UTP video transceiver hubs, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), amplifiers, NAC power extenders, battery chargers, transformers, timers, controllers, relay modules, voltage surge protectors, power distribution modules, voltage boosters, voltage regulators and siren drivers.

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