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VIVOTEK and NUUO Team Up for New Surveillance Platform

VIVOTEK is pleased to announce that its SIA partner NUUO has successfully integrated its NVRmini recording platform in VIVOTEK's network camera portfolios. NVRmini is a Linux-based network video recording system that facilitates video viewing and playback through the Internet.

With the combination of the NVRmini software and VIVOTEK network cameras, users can view up to 16 channels at the same time through the Internet with crystal-clear D1 real-time recording and displaying. This powerful surveillance system outperforms PC-based NVR in terms of installation time and virus immunity. By adopting the combined solution, users can enjoy a higher level of performance and reliability, as well as larger storage capacity.

"VIVOTEK and NUUO have been teaming up for the development of products that complement each other. It is expected that in the near future VIVOTEK network cameras featuring the NVRmini platform will be widely applied in small- and medium-sized companies, buildings, supermarkets, personal offices, and even private properties." said Owen Chen, Chairman of VIVOTEK.

"Users can easily integrate the NVRmini platform with VIVOTEK's IP surveillance solutions without worrying about interrupting data recording. The combination of VIVOTEK's network cameras and NUUO's software platform creates a more solid security environment," said Amoson Hsu, Product Manager of NUUO.

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