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VIVOTEK IP7151 Receives Good Ratings from Security Installer

VIVOTEK IP7151 was rated “Very Good” on a five-star scale in a test conducted by Security Installer. The test consists of seven aspects, including design and design features, circuitry and components, ease of installation and wiring, range and variety of functions, accompanying instructions, technical advice and backup, and value for money.

IP7151 has demonstrated excellent capability with four stars on each item. The testers stated that IP7151 can produce sharp and detailed images with lifelike colors under good natural light conditions. In addition to sufficient configuration options and mechanical stability, IP7151 also received good comments on highly flexible alarm, motion detection and event notification facilities, remote configuration, local and network viewing and recording, and straightforward installation and setup. “Compared with other IP cameras we’ve seen recently, it does a pretty good job”, Security Installer said.

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