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VIVOTEK USA Grand Opening Set for September

VIVOTEK is pleased to announce that its US subsidiary, VIVOTEK USA, will have the grand opening in September. Due to continuously increasing businesses in the United States, which accounts for a major share of VIVOTEK’s total sales, VIVOTEK decided to set up its subsidiary, VIVOTEK USA, in California.

The company will be responsible for marketing, sales and technical support in the United States, while in the mean time enhancing cooperation with regional distribution, technical alliance and strategic partners. VIVOTEK USA will be able to offer much better customer services and customer relationship.

"The establishment of the US subsidiary is a great leap for VIVOTEK. It shows VIVOTEK has moved one step further in enhancing its brand and international presence. By setting up the US company, we can interact with our customers more intensely and strengthen the strategic ties with our business partners. We will be able to better understand our clients’ needs and the problems they encounter, which in turn to provide them with more customized solutions.” said Owen Chen, Chairman of VIVOTEK.

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