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Synology Develops New Firmware for VIVOTEK Network Cameras

With the September release of the updated Disk Station Manager 2.0 firmware, Synology is so glad to announce the cooperation with VIVOTEK. The cooperation further consolidates their presence on the emerging IP surveillance market.

The latest firmware added various new enhancements, including MPEG-4 video format, mega-pixel video support, and Alarm Recording Mode. Currently, 17 fixed and PTZ VIVOTEK network cameras are supported. With the integration of VIVOTEK's high performance network cameras and Synology's outstanding Surveillance Station, customers are guaranteed a flexible and economic alternative to manage multiple network cameras on a centralized web interface.

"We have been constantly expanding our compatibility list for network cameras with reputable brands in the IP surveillance industry as well," said Edward Lin, Marketing Director of Synology, "VIVOTEK has cultivated the market and developed its technical capability for many years thus tops the partner list to cooperate with. Today we are very pleased to announce the grand cooperation with VIVOTEK."

"Our advanced technology on both the MJPEG and MPEG-4 video compression allows a seamless image transition via Synology's AJAX web interface," said Owen Chen, Chairman of VIVOTEK. "Welcoming the integration of Synology's Surveillance Station, we are glad to introduce our users to another great alternative of managing VIVOTEK network cameras, and I believe the cooperation with Synology will lead to the best interests for users from both sides."

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