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Aimetis Symphony™ Standard License Supports VIVOTEK IP7251 Intelligent Network Camera

VIVOTEK IP7251 is an intelligent video content analysis network camera powered by the Aimetis VE Series™ algorithm, VE250. The VE250 is a zero-configuration video analytic engine capable of several intelligent features including detection of tampering, loitering and moving objects. Further strengthening the solution, Aimetis Symphony™ intelligent video surveillance software will now support the IP7251 intelligent features in its Standard version of the software.

Embedding analytics on cameras carries significant benefits. With analysis of the video done on the camera, the CPU requirement of the server is reduced, as are bandwidth requirements, resulting in reduced acquisition, operation and maintenance costs for end-users. Now, with full support for VIVOTEK IP7251 within Aimetis Symphony™ Standard end-users are able to take advantage of intelligent functionality normally only available in the Enterprise version of the software, resulting in a very cost-effective intelligent IP surveillance solution.

"VIVOTEK is extremely pleased that the IP251 is now fully supported in the Standard version of Aimetis Symphony™ intelligent video surveillance software," said Owen Chan, Chairman, VIVOTEK. "This offers huge benefit to our customers, providing them with better, more cost-effective options for implementing an intelligent IP surveillance platform.choices

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