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VIVOTEK New 7000 Series Gain Support from EVT Apex and Vertex

VIVOTEK announced that both EVT's video management platforms Apex and Vertex are supporting VIVOTEK's new 7000 series network cameras. As a good beginning, five new additions in the 7000 series product lineup, IP7151, IP7138, FD7131, IP7133 and SD7151, have been successfully integrated into EVT's platforms. EVT has been continuing to integrate VIVOTEK's new network cameras. Its Apex and Vertex now support MJPEG/MPEG-4 compression, audio, DI/DO, and dual stream features of VIVOTEK's new 7000 series network cameras. VIVOTEK customers can use Apex and Vertex to achieve a more powerful surveillance solution for versatile applications such as transportation, banking, government, military and retailing. The integration increases VIVOTEK's product competitiveness, giving customers a higher level of flexibility for building a customized surveillance system.

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