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VIVOTEK and Face-Tek Join Forces for Intelligent Surveillance

VIVOTEK launched a new partnership with Face-Tek, a Taiwan-based face recognition solution provider. The two companies will collaborate on developing more intelligent IP surveillance solutions to cater to customers' needs.

In a nod to the growing importance of intelligent surveillance technology, VIVOTEK joined hands with Face-Tek to build face recognition support in its 7-series network cameras. The added support enables VIVOTEK's network cameras to automatically identify visitors, providing higher levels of security while at the same time reducing security staff's workload. It allows VIVOTEK network cameras to work more seamlessly with other systems such as access control systems and POS systems.

"We are glad to include Face-Tek in our SIA list. Face recognition is being used in a wide variety of applications and is expected to become a standard function in IP surveillance. We believe partnering up with Face-Tek will strengthen our competitiveness, increase the value of our solutions and broaden the applications of our products." Said Owen Chen, Chairman of VIVOTEK.

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