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VIVOTEK Megapixel Website Comes Online

VIVOTEK is pleased to announce the launch of a website detailing megapixel surveillance and VIVOTEK's full range of megapixel network cameras. This website, featuring VIVOTEK's true megapixel surveillance solutions, provides a comprehensive tool kit to help the public understand the benefits of megapixel surveillance and improve their field knowledge.

The VIVOTEK megapixel website is dedicated to providing many useful resources for online learning and downloading, including whitepaper, presentations and video clips. These materials will guide learners step by step into the world of megapixel surveillance. The testimonials from VIVOTEK's trustworthy partners will also serve as valuable reference when choosing an appropriate megapixel solution.

"With growing demand for megapixel network," said Owen Chen, Chairman of VIVOTEK. "we believe the megapixel website will help users investigate and experience the true value of megapixel surveillance solutions."

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