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ExacqVision® Adds Macintosh Client and More Scalability Features Surveillance solution aims to be the most scalable and accessible videomanagement software available in the world.

The latest version of exacqVision video management software,
(version 3.0) brings flash and new options to the surveillance industry with
the addition of the new client software for Macintosh computers along with
mobile functionality available by way of the new web browser feature.

exacqVision is the open platform, fully scalable video management software
developed by Exacq Technologies. It is available for use on exacqVision
hybrid NVR surveillance systems, exacqVision NVR servers or as a software
only solution installed on a Microsoft Windows or Linux server. The software
integrates with the latest IP (network) surveillance cameras (including
megapixel and H.264 cameras) as well as analog cameras when used with an
exacqVision Hybrid system. The free client software is installed on any
computer system which allows the user to access a single exacqVision server
or multiple servers on a network or through the internet. This client
software is available for Windows, Linux and now Macintosh computers. In
addition, the latest exacqVision release includes mobile functionality so
that users can access video via handheld devices like an iPhone, iTouch,
BlackBerry or any other Windows Mobile device.

"Exacq Technologies is committed to being the most versatile and scalable
network surveillance solution on the market," notes Marketing Manager Roger
Shuman. "This is why we've also added new storage options like iSCSI. We've
partnered with several of the leading iSCSI manufacturers to provide new
storage solutions for our customers. In addition we're introducing a new API
that will create access control and other third party integration options."



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