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OnSSI Introduces Ocularis. The New Platform for IP Video Control.

Unique Human Interface Simplifies Even the Most Complex Operations.

On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. (OnSSI), the professional security industry’s leading developer of non-proprietary, open architecture intelligent IP-based video surveillance software, has introduced an innovative new solution called Ocularis. Ocularis’ unique user intuitive interface, functionality and infinite scalability set new benchmarks in IP video surveillance control and management for large scale applications. The combination of these features results in an IP video surveillance management solution that truly delivers the large-scale functionality of traditional matrix switching systems with all the inherent benefits of software-driven management and control.

“As a software solution developer specializing in IP video surveillance, OnSSI has always approached software development from the perspective of the IT professional. The unique makeup of our company has allowed us to integrate the user-intuitiveness of today’s most complex software with extensive functionality and scalability developed specifically for professional security applications,” said Mulli Diamant, Vice President of Sales, OnSSI.
“Ocularis is the culmination of years of research and development combined with the extensive experience we have gained over the years from our working relationships with leading professionals in the security industry.”
Ocularis consists of an advanced, intuitive human interface controlling a suite of enhanced applications that have been seamlessly integrated to run on a single platform that crosses several operational parameters. It allows security professionals to effectively identify incidents, notify and inform the appropriate personnel both on and off site, and efficiently manage actions to be taken. Ocularis records all cameras for archival use and employs advanced analytics to detect and filter events. By “pushing” video based on established policies, fewer people are required to monitor live activity and bandwidth utilization is reduced providing cost savings across the spectrum of operations.
Ocularis’ diverse capabilities are the result of a combination of integrated applications including OnSSI’s existing product offerings. The Ocularis platform provides all existing OnSSI clients with a seamless migration path incorporating their existing OnSSI product solutions into a future Ocularis implementation.  Existing ONSSI solutions compatible with Ocularis include Netswitcher, NetDVMS, NetDVR, NetEVS, NetGuard, NetPDA and NetCell, ProSight, and Video Analytics.
Ocularis’ software applications include:
• Virtual matrix and monitoring system
• Multi-site/multi-server network video recording and camera management platform(s) addressing large enterprise to small and mid-sized businesses
• Graphical user interface (GUI) with touch screen map-driven navigation
• Monitoring and control interface using a standard internet browser
• Portable client for remote camera access, monitoring and control
• Content analytics modules for automated detection and policy-driven analysis of events and/or the motion patterns of people, vehicles and objects
Ocularis seamlessly integrates these powerful software applications onto a single platform where they can be configured for any size application with advanced analytics. This provides users with the ability to manage the extensive functionality that Ocularis delivers with extreme ease of operation.
“There is no mistaking Ocularis once you experience it, as it looks, feels and responds like no other IP control solution. Its unique human interface simplifies even the most complex operations while providing open architecture for seamless integration with virtually any hardware or software solution,” said Mr. Diamant. “Ocularis is the new IP platform.”


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