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OnSSI and Splinternet Holdings, Inc. Announce Alliance.

Radiological Terrorism Detection and Advanced Video Analytics Join for a Powerful Defense Against Security Threats.

On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc., (OnSSI), and Splinternet Holdings, Inc., (OTC BB: SLNH.OB), has announced an alliance under which the companies will work together to support each other’s newly integrated product offerings in the security marketplace.
In the integrated systems, security cameras move their focus to the location where radiation is detected by Splinternet’s GammaTect™ sensors. Visual and radiation sensor data is analyzed in the incident command center. Customers and response units are notified.
On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (OnSSI) is a professional security industry developer of non-proprietary, open architecture IP-based video surveillance software solutions, with over 20,000 deployments in government, corporate, industrial and municipal settings. Splinternet Holdings, Inc., is the developer and marketer of homeland security technologies, DefenTect and GammaTect, that alert authorities to threat-level radioactive materials used in the manufacture of dirty bombs and other terrorist devices.  
Splinternet and OnSSI solutions have been certified by both companies to be compatible with each other’s products. Splinternet’s DefenTect interfaces with OnSSI’s newly released Ocularis Video Surveillance Control and Management Solution, as well as other OnSSI IP Video Surveillance Solutions for Government and Homeland Security. 
Splinternet’s unattended gamma radiation detection architecture and alert system, called DefenTect, integrates data from a wide-area pervasive grid of sensors to an incident command center. It is networked using IP and managed over the web. When high-energy gamma rays from dirty bomb components interact with Splinternet’s GammaTect sensors, DefenTect’s proprietary algorithms analyze the data and alert authorities to radiation that may pose a security threat. Communication features of DefenTect provide the ability to receive and process data over the web from the radiation sensor to the command center as well as to PDAs, cellphones or pagers.
OnSSI’s new Ocularis Video Surveillance Control and Management Solution features a unique user intuitive interface, unparalleled functionality and infinite scalability that sets new benchmarks in IP video surveillance control and management for large scale applications. The combination of these features results in an IP video surveillance management solution that truly delivers the large-scale functionality of traditional matrix switching systems with all the inherent benefits of software-driven management and control.
“OnSSI and Splinternet are dedicated to developing integrated protection systems to safeguard customers,” said James Ackerly, CEO of Splinternet. “We’re excited to work together with OnSSI to add detection of illegal transport of radiological source material to security solutions.”
“Adding Splinternet’s radiation detection offerings to our surveillance systems strengthens our presence in the homeland security marketplace,” said Gadi Piran, President and CTO of OnSSI. “Defentect™ further expands Ocularis’ functionality and demonstrates the versatility of this powerful new IP video surveillance control and management solution.”
Combined, OnSSI and Splinternet’s systems can offer customers a potent defense against security threats including radiological terrorism.  


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