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Orlando Surveillance Cams Will Detect Motion, Alert In Real-Time

The surveillance video program implemented in Orlando uses IP video surveillance software from OnSSI. The program is called Innovative Response to Improve Safety (IRIS) and will detect crimes or other incidents and send alerts to law enforcement.

The first 18 of 60 motion-detecting cameras will soon be installed around Orlando at a cost of more than $1.3 million.

"This is instant," Orlando police Captain Jeff Goltz said. "The cameras are out there and running real time. We see some activity and we send officers to that activity. In a lot of technology that is out in stores, it is being recorded and it is evidence for future use, for future follow up and future investigative purposes. That is a big difference."

The robot-looking cameras are partially funded by the Federal Homeland Security Department and also donations by private companies like Target and Darden Restaurants, Local 6's Chris Trenkmann said.

Mayor Buddy Dyer and the City Council got a close look at one of the cameras.

Officials said cameras could be set up in the Kirkman Road area and International Drive in addition to the Parramore area.

Parramore has been considered a crime "hot zone" for police and there have been several recent crimes in the International Drive area.

Similar cameras were tested at Lake Eola last July 4. It was showed video of the camera picking out faces from across the lake.

Orlando is one of the first U.S. cities in the nation to get the high-tech cameras.

Critics of the cameras are calling the cameras an invasion of privacy.


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