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OnSSI Brings Vision To Art Event At Cleveland Festival

One Hundred Red Balloons Take OnSSI Solution Aloft

On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. (OnSSI), the market leader in non-proprietary, open architecture intelligent IP-based video surveillance software solutions, was selected to participate in an avant-garde art event at this year's Ingenuity Festival in Cleveland, Ohio. Entitled “Red Eyed Skywalkers” and created by new media artist Jenny Marketou, the event sent 100 red 5-foot diameter meteorological balloons skyward to create a floating canopy over Cleveland's Star Plaza. The balloons were equipped with specially-designed video surveillance cameras using OnSSI's networked video surveillance solution to transmit aerial images wirelessly to numerous large screens around the festival.

The Cleveland Ingenuity Festival, an annual celebration of art and technology, presents prominent international masters alongside Northeast Ohio's finest performing and visual artists. The unique festival experience draws and celebrates diversity, and involves the audience as both spectator and participant. The Red Eyed Skywalkers Balloon event featuring OnSSI's video surveillance solution was intended to raise challenging philosophical ideas about privacy in public spaces.
"OnSSI was very excited to be a part of this cultural phenomenon," said Gadi Piran, CEO, OnSSI. "Since we typically keep our focus on serious technology development in the realm of IP video surveillance, it was enjoyable to be able to be involved with a project that has evolved from a fully artistic point of view."
OnSSI's newest IP video surveillance solution Ocularis features a unique user intuitive interface, unparalleled functionality and infinite scalability that sets new benchmarks in IP video surveillance control and management. The combination of these features results in an IP video surveillance management solution that truly delivers the functionality of traditional matrix switching systems with all the inherent benefits of software-driven management and control.



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