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OnSSI Displays Ocularis. The New Platform For IP Video Management and Control

User Intuitive Interface Simplifies Even the Most Complex Operations

On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (OnSSI), the professional security industry’s leading developer of non-proprietary, open architecture intelligent IP-based video surveillance software, has showcased the release of Ocularis, the leading IP Video Surveillance Management Solution, at ASIS 2008. Ocularis’ unique user intuitive interface, functionality and infinite scalability set new benchmarks in IP video surveillance control and management for large scale applications. The combination of these features results in an IP video surveillance management solution that truly delivers the large-scale functionality of traditional matrix switching systems with all the inherent benefits of software-driven management and control.

 “Ocularis redefines IP video surveillance and control functionality with an innovative user intuitive interface that makes operating complex functions easy with the most advanced functionality available,” said Mulli Diamant, Vice President of Sales, OnSSI. “Our combined experience in IT and security markets has allowed us to integrate the user-intuitiveness of today’s most complex software with extensive functionality and scalability developed specifically for professional security applications.”
Ocularis is an open-architecture, non-proprietary, video-centric PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) softwareplatform that allows you to view, manage, and record video from an unlimited number of IP and non-IP video surveillance cameras. Ocularis enables you to manage video storage, and correlate and fuse video and non-video events and alerts resulting in automatic video delivery to subscribers of interest.
Ocularis provides one of the most advanced, intuitive and user friendly unified client applications to access video and event information, either on-demand or as a result of events. It is also compatible with OnSSI’s prior generation NVR and management solutions, providing a seamless migration path for current OnSSI users.
Ocularis’ intuitive client interface intelligently reacts to the user’s actions at any given moment, presenting only the controls and tools indicated by the current mode of operation enabling enhanced user navigation, and facilitating immediate investigation of events. While not required, Ocularis is designed to leverage touch-screen technology. Its simplicity and advanced human engineering enable operators to reach proficiency within minutes of training. Touch, drag, slice and send. It’s that easy.
As a modular system, end-users can enhance the functional capabilities of their Ocularis solution by adding selected Ocularis Add-On components to the Ocularis Base. The Ocularis Add-Ons extend the solution from a comprehensive NVR management system to a robust video-centric PSIM system, delivering value to the entire enterprise. Optional add-on components to the base Ocularis system include:
Ocularis Video Wall which enables sending video to video wall monitors and remote displays anywhere on the network – an ideal IP-video platform for enterprise-scale command and control centers, central station and remote alarm monitoring operations.
Ocularis GIS (Geographic Information System)-Mapping* provides map-based navigation to sites and cameras with multi-layer mapping and dynamic camera positioning. GIS-based mapping also allows for GPS tracking cameras in moving vehicles, tracking clients, as well as incorporating real-time data about traffic conditions, weather, user information and more.
Ocularis Analytics enable the accurate detection of movements and both human and vehicular behaviors corresponding to highly configurable rules with no limit on the number of connected cameras or detection rules per camera. Analytics-generated alerts can be pushed automatically to users’ Ocularis Clients and/or video wall displays.
NetTransact provides instant access to video of transactions from cash registers, toll collection systems, license plate recognition systems, ATMs and other systems. Video of an individual transaction can be called by time/date, free text, or other methods, synchronized, and presented with the video data.
3rd-Party Access Control System Integration allows third-party access control systems to link high-quality video to access-control-generated events from human and vehicular entry points. Incoming access control alerts trigger video recording, alarms and push-video to users. Access control events can be combined with video content analytics to create composite events, corresponding to rules configured in both systems.
3rd-Party Analog Matrix Switching Integration* allows users’ existing analog cameras and matrix switching systems to be integrated into Ocularis allowing for flexible video wall and remote display management through the Ocularis Client map-based interface. 
“There is no mistaking Ocularis once you experience it, as it looks, feels and responds like no other IP control solution,” said Mr. Diamant. “Ocularis is the new IP video surveillance management and control platform.”
In addition, OnSSI is demonstrating Ocularis Client Lite which provides existing users of NetGuard-EVS with a seamless migration path, uses the same authentication scheme, and is also a new high performance video client for OnSSI’s NetDVMS, NetDVR and ProSight SMB versions 6.0 and above. Features include: instant playback of a single camera with other cameras for spot monitoring; optical and digital PTZ via a virtual joystick; one-way audio; carousel functionality to provide full interaction with any other video window; event investigation and reporting; and push video upon an event.


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