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OnSSI Breakthrough Delivers Multi-Stream HD Video Via the Cloud

High-Definition Interactive Streaming (HDIS) Technology Provides up to 16 Simultaneous Streams

OnSSI's new Ocularis-X server software utilizing High-Definition Interactive Streaming (HDIS) technology delivers up to 16 simultaneous megapixel (HD) video streams to web and devices running a standard web browser, even on a low-speed connection or across limited bandwidth networks such as 3G/4G, broadband and the Internet. The technology enables HD, standard definition and megapixel cameras to stream at their original resolutions and frame rates (up to 30 frames per second) for smooth playback. Ocularis-X is also fully interactive – each camera can be played back and reviewed, on its own, in full screen, or at the same time as the other cameras.

OnSSI’s new technology eliminates compromises related to the number of camera streams displayed, picture quality or the smoothness of the video. All video streams are sent to users at their original high frame rate. Users are presented with much smoother video and are able to zoom into an image without losing detail, enabling superior detection of incidents and identification of culprits.

Ocularis-X extends the look and feel of the award-winning Ocularis Client desktop interface to web browsers and devices operating in low-bandwidth networks. Users are able to perform live monitoring and synchronized playback of multiple megapixel cameras. Compatible with all recent versions of Ocularis, Ocularis-X will also allow VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) providers to deliver high-speed, high-resolution, multi-camera video to their clients.

“Ocularis-X is truly a breakthrough in video delivery that accommodates the needs of the two biggest trends in the video surveillance market – higher-resolution cameras and web-based monitoring, which can co-exist in a fully functioning system,” said Gadi Piran, President and CTO, OnSSI. “Operators can zoom digitally into any megapixel camera view with no loss of quality because Ocularis-X retains each camera's original resolution.”


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