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First Place in Germany’s SMB Ranking

MOBOTIX Score Points with Robust Growth, Strong Sales and International Focus

The management consulting firm Munich Strategy Group evaluated a total of 1,600 businesses from across Germany for their "Top 100 – Small and Medium-Sized Business Rankings 2011". MOBOTIX, the world's largest manufacturer of network-based video security systems in the megapixel range, earned first place in the rankings ­­thanks largely to their impressive growth and consistent expansion strategy. This Top 100 list was compiled in association with one of Germany’s biggest daily newspapers, "Die Welt".

Outstanding Results Thanks to Strong Sales and Consistent International Focus

Out of the 1,600 companies evaluated, MOBOTIX stood out through their dynamic growth. In the financial year 2010/2011, the Langmeil-based company reported a 36 percent increase in sales. Between 2005 and 2011, the technology company’s sales grew by an average of more than 35 percent, resulting in an increase in the rate of return of close to 20 percent. "MOBOTIX has a top-notch sales force. Within a very short time, the company successfully shifted its business model to focus on international markets", says Sebastian Theopold, Managing Director of Munich Strategy Group. All over the world, MOBOTIX video surveillance systems are in use at embassies, airports, train stations, ports, gas stations, hotels and highways. Cameras from the German manufacturer can even be found at soccer stadiums like Betzenberg, Paris, Donetsk (UEFA EURO 2012 stadium) and, in a few years, at the World Cup 2022 stadium in Qatar - not to forget the world-famous Vatican Library!

To achieve this success on international markets and to continue the global expansion, MOBOTIX maintains sales teams around the world, holds more than 20 international partner conferences each year and is present at over 100 trade fairs across the globe. These efforts are reflected in sales: 76 percent of all MOBOTIX camera systems are sold to international customers.

"We are very pleased to have earned first place in this nationwide ranking", says Dr. Ralf Hinkel, Founder and CEO of MOBOTIX. "In a relatively short time, our decentralized technology approach has led to some major successes that we intend to build on with ongoing technological developments and international expansion. Increasing our product range and moving into a bigger production facility at our Langmeil headquarters will certainly contribute to our future growth."

Impressive Success Story

Dr. Ralf Hinkel founded MOBOTIX in late 1999, and at the end of 2001, he launched his first cameras onto the market. What sets these cameras apart is the decentralized technological approach with a high-performance computer integrated into every camera and an optional long-term, digital flash memory (MicroSD card) that allows several days of recordings to be stored on the device. The image data is processed in the camera itself rather than being transported to the control center for analysis. The decentralized concept makes high-resolution video systems profitable for real-world applications, because despite megapixel resolution, the local networks hardly get loaded. As a result, high-resolution security systems can be implemented without any major network upgrades. The approach has proven to be a success as demonstrated by the long and growing list of companies from around the world that have opted for MOBOTIX systems. 

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