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Arecont Vision, Milestone and Pivot3 hit the road with knowledge sharing in 2010

Technology Road Show scheduled for six major cities across the USA

Milestone Systems, the open platform company in IPvideo management software, is teaming up with alliance partners Arecont Vision and Pivot3 for a traveling Technology Road Show to be held across the country this year. Arecont Vision is a leading manufacturer of megapixel cameras and Pivot3 produces powerful storage solutions for optimal surveillance systems. Coupled with the Milestone XProtect™ software, these three make a dynamic combination for ultimate security performance.

The theme of the Technology Road Show will be a ‘Complete IP Solution’ with VMS, hardware and storage as the three components. The seminars will be carried out in a ‘Lunch & Learn’ format with the integrated solution from Arecont Vision, Milestone and Pivot3 demonstrated at the venues after presentations by each and an interactive roundtable discussion.
The advantages of open platform IP video include the ability for partners and customers to build the best security solutions for their specific needs over time. Many professionals in the industry are looking for more information about the latest offerings, tips and tricks for getting the most for their investment. The Technology Road Show will demonstrate how Arecont Vision, Milestone and Pivot3 can address these requirements.
“With this road show, Milestone continues to demonstrate the value of our open platform IP video through the ability to integrate with a choice of best-of-breed providers. Arecont Vision megapixel cameras offer more efficient coverage of wider areas with sharp image details and
Pivot3 storage solutions are optimized for high volume video data installations. This is a ‘terrific triad’ with the XProtect video management software at the core," states Eric Fullerton, CSMO Milestone Systems.
“Arecont Vision is actively ramping up our industry education initiatives in 2010, and these road shows are a tremendous opportunity for end users to get hands-on experience with our megapixel cameras integrated with industry leading VMS and storage solutions in a complete IP video surveillance configuration,” said Raul Calderon, Vice President of Marketing, Arecont Vision. “By partnering with Milestone and Pivot3 for these events, Arecont Vision will showcase how seamlessly our megapixel cameras can be integrated into mainstream video surveillance
applications. We believe it’s an educational experience that will prove to be invaluable for all who attend.”
“Customers are the ultimate winners when industry leaders work together to prove out the value, simplicity and interoperability of open systems solutions,” said Lee Caswell, founder and CMO of Pivot3.
The Technology Road Show will be held in Seattle, Washington, on February 24; Los Angeles, California, on March 4; Houston, Texas, on March 17; Chicago, Illinois, on April 21; Atlanta, Georgia, on May 19; and New York, NY, on June 9.



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