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Honeywell Highlights Both New Technology and Integrated System End Users at ASIS 2012

HIS End User Committee Members Will Meet with Pro-Watch Users and Recruit Potential New Members

New IP video systems and an enhanced version of its Pro-Watch® security-management platform will highlight Honeywell’s presence at ASIS 2012 this month in Philadelphia. But the company will showcase more this year than just technology; its end-user customers will also play a prominent role.

For the first time, Honeywell’s booth will include a dedicated section for members of its Honeywell Integrated Security (HIS) End Users Committee, a group of directors and chief security officers who provide input that influences the direction of the company’s product roadmap for

Pro-Watch, and related integrated-security offerings. Honeywell customers from a variety of industries – including life sciences, banking, healthcare and manufacturing – will be on hand to talk about their experiences on the HIS End Users Committee and recruit potential new members.

“Integration is always a key theme at ASIS for Honeywell, and there’s really no better way to showcase that than providing access to the organizations that have extensive daily experience with that integration,” said Tony Foglia, director of global accounts, Honeywell. “The HIS End Users Committee plays a crucial role in advancing our technology. ASIS is a great venue to inform other end users about what this group does, and how others can be a part of Honeywell’s commitment to provide innovative solutions and solve real-world challenges.”

Committee members will be on hand at Honeywell Booth No. 1101 from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m., and again from 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. from Monday through Wednesday (Sept. 10 – 12).

Honeywell will also introduce several new technologies, including an enhanced version of its widely used Pro-Watch security management system, which helps organizations integrate enterprise-wide access control with video surveillance and intrusion systems, as well as create smart buildings by tying building management systems to security. Pro-Watch 4.0 includes a refreshed graphical user interface, new wireless readers, and streamlined credentials management and reporting functions. The system also allows end users to access alarm and event data using any Internet-connected device.

Other highlighted technologies will include:

  • The newly introduced MAXPRO® NVR Professional Edition (PE) recorder – Rounding out Honeywell’s entry to enterprise-level line of network video recorders, MAXPRO NVR PE can help large organizations comply with stringent regulations that require them to retain video for longer periods of time, and more-effectively protect their surveillance data.
  • The Vindicator® Standard Edition (SE) platform integrated with Pro-Watch – Building on the launch of Pro-Watch 4.0, Honeywell also will demonstrate the system’s ability to integrate with its Vindicator SE technology, which takes high-end security intrusion-detection capabilities typically used at critical infrastructure sites and adapts them for commercial and industrial facilities. The integrated system is ideal for sites such as airports, corrections facilities and utilities.
  • The Tuxedo Touch™ touchscreen controller – This device has garnered attention for its residential applications, but ASIS 2012 provides an opportunity to showcase its commercial applicability. Tuxedo Touch provides an easy way to integrate building automation functions with intrusion capabilities. The device includes a built-in web server that allows users to control the system from any web-enabled device.

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