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Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) announced that Estadio Nacional (National Stadium) in Lima, Peru has chosen its company’s SecurOS  Facial Recognition software to address ongoing security concerns.

Estadio Nacional was recently renovated so that it can seat over 60,000 spectators.  This included the construction of 371 boxes, an additional 703 underground parking spaces, and a new tower with a panoramic gourmet restaurant.

As one of the largest stadiums in the country, security is an ongoing concern.  One of the issues they wanted to address was that of spectators who have had a history of being embroiled in fights or others kinds of disruptive behavior at the stadium. 

They wanted to be able to have a visual data bank of any such disruptive spectators so that they could be barred from future events.  To do so, they required cameras with Facial Recognition. 

After substantial research, the heads of security for the stadium decided to go with a Facial Recognition solution from Intelligent Security Systems as they have a long track record of success with such deployments.  They were also impressed by the fact that the Facial Recognition module was built into the software as well as its true open platform and ability to integrate any third party system. 

The integration involved 110 Samsung video surveillance cameras and 11 cameras performing Facial Recognition with a 5000 face database.  Jorge Cornejo from E-Business Distributions led the deployment effortsThe IT Manager of Estadio Nacional has allowed himself to be quoted, but for security reasons had chosen not to reveal his name.

“They now have the peace of mind of knowing if someone has a negative history with the stadium, it’s recorded for posterity and will send an alert if that person tries to reenter the stadium  at any point,” said Jorge Cornejo. “It has proven to be a very reliable system and absolutely essential to their overall security.”  He added, “Having the Facial Recognition built in to the software was a crucial advantage, along with the fact that other features are built in as well, so that at any point they want to add them, the features simply need to be turned on.  That’s a huge advantage over having to add new software from a third party vendor.”

“We were delighted to work with Estadio Nacional and Jorge,” said Arlen Encarnacion, ISS’s Business Development Manager.  “Our all-in-one approach continues to gain favor throughout the world, and the Facial Recognition component has become more and more of a ‘must have’ for customers to address their overall security concerns.”

As their needs continue to grow, they envision an expanding, long term relationship with ISS.  

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