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Company Profile: BriefCam® is the developer and provider of products based on Video Synopsis® for the rapid review of captured video.

Until now, video review was a time-consuming process. Using BriefCam, a day of surveillance camera footage can be summarized into a video clip as short as a minute.

The result: events and evidence that previously would not have been exposed can now be uncovered.

BriefCam is used by law enforcement, government agencies, educational facilities, municipalities and retail chains – all "getting the brief" with BriefCam.

BriefCam is winner of the 2011 ASIS Accolades Award for Surveillance, the 2010 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award for Physical Security, and the 2010 IFSEC Security Industry Award for Best CCTV System, along with many other honors. 

Product Profile:  BriefCam Video Synopsis technology summarizes hours of events into a "brief" that takes just minutes to watch, online or offline. BriefCam products interface with other surveillance and analytic solutions, a range of DVR/NVRs, IP cameras and existing solutions. BriefCam's easy-to-install third-party software is compatible with a range of DVRs/NVRs and does not change existing ecosystems. Product line: VS Online for on-site, real-time security, VS Forensics for post-event investigation and an SDK for integrated/embedded third-party products.


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