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Sharing success stories, experience and expertise across a wide range of vertical markets and applications. The information here is provided by IP UserGroup USA Affiliate (Corporate) Members and are published as part of thier annual membership packages.

"Case studies are one of the most powerful tools when explaining how IP based solutions can be applied in a real-life application" - Paul Hennings, President IP UserGroup International

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Banking & Commerce

Financial and commercial security is key to the continued success of the US economy, Take a look at how IP based solutions are reducing risk and improving productivity.


The Security and Safety of the US citizens has always been crucial. With the support of the law enforcement agencies and the utilization of the latest technology the protection of the community at large is assured - take a closer look...


Entertainment, Gaming, Sports and Outside Activities are an integral part of American life. IP based technology has long since been employed in Casinos, Theatres and Sports Stadia. Learn more from the experts.

Health & Education

Recent incidents has shown how important the safety at schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments is! whether taking care of students or the ill and infirmed, Security Technology can help.

Industry & Utilities

The nations Industrial backbone and crucial Infrastructure is the life-blood of America. Take a look at how IP based technology has been protecting the core businesses across the country.

Ports and Airports

Homeland Security and the protection of the US borders has never been so high on the country's agenda. Whether Ports, Airports or other crossing points, the latest network centric security systems are ahead of the game.


Theft and the risk of litigation is just part of the story in the Retail sector and the use of integrated Security and IT solutions offers much more than just evidence. IP Technologies, video analytics and smart solutions provide many benefits.

Transport & Distribution

The movement of people and goods across the country in a safe and secure fashion is an essential part of the American way, Trains, Planes and Automobiles are just the start.

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