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Leading North East Area Security Integrators and End Users Network with IP Pros at IP-in-Action LIVE Connecticut

IP-in-Action Connecticut breezed into the Inn at Middletown in Middletown, CT on August 24, 2011, several days prior to Hurricane Irene bringing torrential rains and wind to the area. Key representatives from security firms, hospitals, banks, education and IT were not only treated to informative presentations the entire day was spent networking with leading IP company representatives.   

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Susan BradyWelcome and Opening Remarks, Susan Brady - Managing Director, IP UserGroup USA
Speaker: Steve Surfaro - Industry Liaison, Axis Communications
Presentation Title: "Technology and Crisis Management Including Active Shooter" - View Presentation 
Steve SurfaroDescription: Three first responders will weigh in on what technology advancement improvements have worked for them in recent critical events. Learn techniques and tools that work in a more secure and speedy manner in crisis situations. Workplace violence is one of the most popular and difficult problems today. How do you use threat assessment together with technology? When was the last time you conducted an emergency exercise? If the answer is greater than six months, you are at risk and you are also not alone. Learn how to test and model emergencies – testing is the cheapest insurance you can buy!
The presentation shows how Public Safety is addressed by IP Security Technology in areas such as:
- Video surveillance in workplace violence and active shooter situations
- The role of mobile surveillance
- The “instant” review: fast access of meaningful data in real time
Speaker: Charles Foley, Chief Executive Officer, TimeSight Systems
Presentation Title: "Supporting Today's High Resolution IP Networks: Storage Technologies to Manage Both Data and the Budget" - View Presentation 
Charles FoleyDescription: The surveillance world has seen a number of key trends in recent years, including rising camera counts for better coverage, rapid rise in resolutions (due to technology commoditization) to give better video data, and ever-extending retention times due to regulatory or best-practice requirements. These factors have pushed storage of video surveillance data to becoming a dominant cost factor for the security professional. The result: tight budgets that have to accommodate more and more storage to simply get the job done.

This session will focus on technology approaches brought across from the information technology (IT) world to allow users to manage down the cost and infrastructure needed to support this growing amount of data from larger numbers of higher resolution cameras. Different approaches and technologies used to manage the lifecycle of video data will be reviewed, with the aim of providing tools to allow security professionals to reduce the cost of storing video data as that video ages and becomes less valuable to the business. Leveraged properly, these approaches to video data management can reduce storage requirements by 60 - 90%, allowing significant infrastructure reductions and budget re-allocation to other, high-return items such as increased camera coverage, analytics, and biometrics.

Speaker: Keith Romano - Business Development Manager, MOBOTIX AG
Presentation Title: "Megapixel Video Implemented with Decentralized Concept and Hemispheric Technology"   -  
Keith RomanoDescription: Megapixel CCTV cameras have changed the landscape of video surveillance. This requires innovation in hardware as well as processing of the video. The following presentation takes a look at decentralized concept architecture for a video surveillance system and the advantages it provides over the traditional centralized approach.
This presentation will address the following subjects:
- LowRes vs. HiRes
- Cost Analysis
- Flash Recording
- Hemispheric Technology
Speaker: Amit Gavish - CPP, General Manager, North America, BriefCam, Inc
Presentation Title: "Video Synopsis as a New Operational Tool" - View Presentation 

Amit GavishDescription: Surveillance cameras deployment is growing at an exponential rate and there is an acute need for technologies that can assist in browsing massive quantities of footage in the shortest time. Video Synopsis is an innovative technology allows operators to “browse hours in minutes” by creating a summary of the original video to enable rapid review. The session will present Video Synopsis as a new tool, its operation and practical applications.

After completing this session, attendees will be able to:
- Describe the Video Synopsis concept
- Interpret video summaries
- Consider implementation and Best Practices
Speaker: Jammy DaSousa - Product Manager, IP Video Management Systems, March Networks
Presentation Title: "Browser Based IP Video Surveillance and Why IT Loves It" - View Presentation
Jammy DeSousaDescription: While video security technology has advanced significantly in the last few years, one area that still remains largely untouched is the development of lightweight client applications for enterprise surveillance systems. Creating solutions that motivate security decision-makers to adapt to newer video surveillance technologies has been the focus for many, but as IP-based security video budgets increasingly fall into the hands of Information Technology (IT) departments, isn’t it time to target what IT managers really want?
Web-based and virtualization solutions – while not new to IT departments – are still uncommon within the IP video surveillance industry. In this discussion, you will learn about a new, browser-based enterprise IP video surveillance solution that can differentiate your business with its IT-focused, standards-based design and functionality.
Speaker: Nick Wooler - Director Product Marketing, 3VR , ,
Presentation Title: "Transform Value of Video with Video Analytics" - View Presentation   -

Nick WoolerDescription: Getting projects approved in a challenging economic environment requires a strong business case driven by the ability to grow the business. An open platform that can meet the critical security requirements of searching terrabytes of video in seconds, build cases quickly and provide business and security alerting are minimum requirements. Transform the value of video in your organization with new video analytics like customer counting, queue line analysis, advance object tracking and customer not present. These new capabilities will help grow the business by providing video intelligence for marketing, merchandising and customer service and provide access to additional budget to get your project approved.

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