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6th November 2007

IP-in-Action LIVE Brings Dallas Security Professionals Up-to-Date on Convergence

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Robert Beliles Cisco Deploying IP-based Physical Security Systems 6.22MB Click here
Steve Lewis  Axis Communications Opportunities for IP Surveillance in Transportation markets   4.35MB  Click here
Dvir Doron  ioimage   Enhance Your IP Surveillance Systems with Video Analytics  1.46MB Click here 
Doug Marmon VideoIQ  Remote Guarding:The Next Generation in Monitoring 2.30MB Click here
Dan Dunkel  New Era Associates  21st Century Security "The New Era of Global Risk"  3.15MB  Click here 

By Susan Brady, Managing Director, IP UserGroup USA
From mega pixel camera technology and access control over the Internet to video analytics and storage, IP products abound at the IP-in-Action LIVE Dallas technical forum, put on by the IP UserGroup USA. The sold out expo was the backdrop to the comprehensive educational program presented to a large crowd in attendance at Cityplace Conference Center, Dallas, TX on November 6, 2007.

Nearly 100 participants filled the room to hear Dan Dunkel, president of New Era Associates, deliver his keynote presentation titled, “21st Century Security Solutions: How Convergence is Changing the Security Market.”
Networks help business operations, Dunkel told the audience. Security brokers are going to look at a Lowes or the Home Depots, for example, said Dunkel, and the companies that have the best security procedures will be winners. Successful Corporate Security Officers (CSOs) are adding value to every part of the business, he commented.

“Look to Wall Street, follow the money, watch your kids and Internet research labs, go to an Apple store, watch the commercials from Cisco,” Dunkel urged. “They will show you how things are going to be. You have to ask yourself are you ready for a future that is already here?”

Dunkel feels the future is not yet equally distributed, however. “Now it’s time to pull in operations on a network and standardize,” he concluded. 

How you can be successful capitalizing on the opportunities of IP based systems today was the subject of the next presentation. Titled, “Cisco Network Excellence Program: Deploying IP-based Video Surveillance Systems,” Bob Beliles, Senior Manager, Physical Security Technology Group, Cisco Systems, stated to the audience that there is opportunity for everyone in this industry.

“You’ll find over the next several years, networking technology will change the winners and the losers. It will add opportunities for system integrators to differentiate from competitors and for end users to show they are valued employees,” Beliles asserted. 

IP UserGroup USA’s IP-in-Action LIVE Dallas saw this mix of individuals interested in IP from the more than 100 attendees present. The majority of folks represented were system integrators, while end users, manufacturers, consultants and IP professionals made up the rest of the group on hand. At Cityplace Conference Center in Dallas, some well-known end user companies were circulating the room, such as the Security Systems Design Manager for Wal-Mart and a Security Systems Administrator for cosmetic company Mary Kay. According to Beliles, referring to IP-in-Action LIVE Dallas, the venue was good; the crowd was good; everything was good. 

The technology seminar program was a full day packed with relevant IP information. Presentations continue throughout the afternoon and included: Emerging Technologies: "Enhance Your IP Surveillance System with Video Analytics," by Dvir Doron, VP of Marketing, ioimage; IP-Based Video Monitoring: "Remote Guarding: The Next Generation in Monitoring," by Doug Marmon CTO and VP Products, VideoIQ; and The Business Case - Real Applications and End User Benefits: "Large Scale IP-Surveillance Deployment in Transportation,” by Steve Lewis, Strategic Channel Manager, Axis Communications.

“It was a wonderful forum to allow dealers, integrators, and end users to ask questions to the well-known key players and Arecont Vision was honored to be part of it,” stated Jason Schimpf Eastern U.S. Sales Manager Arecont Vision.

Arecont Vision’s Schimpf was joined Rob Morello, Senior Products Marketing Manager, Digital Products, Pelco, Kyle Candler, Network Video Product Manager, ScanSource Security, and Bob Beliles, Senior Manager, Physical Security Technology Group, Cisco Systems on a panel titled, “One World: Physical Security and IP Converge.” Steve Titch, representing IP-in-Action LIVE media partner Security Products magazine and Editor in Chief of Network-Centric Security magazine, served as the panel moderator.

“The panel addressed a number of concerns that integrators have about the way market channels are changing. I think attendees gained better understanding and insight into working with their customers' IT departments and meeting the requirements for networked security systems their customers now have,” commented Titch.

The event attracted systems integrators eager for IP security information. The hands-on advantage of seeing products and how they operate was another positive aspect that exhibitors of IP-in-Action LIVE Dallas provided.

Following is the complete list of IP-in-Action LIVE Dallas Exhibitors: AGI Security, Arecont Vision, Axis Communications, Brivo Systems, CBC (America) Corp., Cisco Systems, Covi Technologies, DVTel; Exacq Technologies; Fluidmesh Networks; GarrettCom, Hie Electronics, IQinVision, NovusEdge, On-Net Surveillance Systems, Panasonic Security Systems, Pelco, PCSC, ScanSource Security Distribution, Security Products, Sentry 360, Sony and Videolarm.

Steve Bowcut, Business Development Manager at PCSC, offered his view on the day. “Larry Singletary [PCSC] and I both came away from the IP-in-Action LIVE Dallas event feeling that it was worthwhile,” he said. “We made some valuable contacts.”

The next IP-in-Action LIVE is being held on February 12, 2008 in the Orlando, FL area. Watch for more details coming your way next week on how you can be a part of IP-in-Action LIVE in Florida. Presentations from the IP-in-Action LIVE Dallas technical forum are on available on the IP UserGroup USA website at www.ipusergroupusa.com   

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