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A Fond Farewell to Susan.

It is with regret that I must make you aware of the fact that Susan Brady has handed back the reigns of the IP UserGroup USA to HQ in the UK. Susan who joined us in September 2007 has been instrumental in the success of the organization in the USA and I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all of her efforts and wish her good luck for the future. We will be looking to recruit a replacement in due-course and can assure you that the activities of the group will continue as usual.In the interim my team in the UK will hold the fort email: info@ipusergroup.com

New Look IP UserGroup USA Website

I am pleased to announce a redesign of the www.ipusergroupusa.com website, the aim being to improve the navigability of the site and make it easier for visitors to identify and engage with the educational material available across the site. There is a wealth of extremely valuable information for visitor of all levels and disciplines and we believe that the new structure will provide an improved visitor experience.

As part of these improvements we have also introduced a refined Case Study section broken into vertical market areas – please make sure that you share your success stories with us so that we can share them with the membership.

Driving forward with the IP-in-Action LIVE Events.

We are all aware of the popularity of the IP-in-Action LIVE events and the Partners on the Network seminar program. We are please therefore to announce the revised date of the Tampa Florida event following hurricane Sandy – Wednesday 27th February and that IP UserGroup International, President Paul Hennings will be travelling from the UK and addressing the event with a short presentation looking at the growth of IP across the globe. Details will be sent through shortly, there are however still both exhibiting and speaking slots available.

In association with the website changes and the continued development of the regional events, we have also invested in a new Event Management System, which from the experience in the UK/EU, enhances both the communication to prospective delegates and provides greater feedback to the organizers, exhibitors and speakers. – We hope you like it!

Education, Education, Education!

Our mission from the outset has been to increase the understanding, acceptance and adoption of IP based security technology and we believe that with your continued support we can achieve this. Training is the key and we believe that to accelerate the educational process, the IP UserGroup should add its weight to promoting education, training and certification. Hence, if you are offering such a program, the bulk of which is NOT vendor specific the IP UserGroup will consider endorsing the scheme, providing a special “IP UserGroup Endorsed Training Scheme” Logo and listing on the Website. Contact us for details.

Building upon Success

May I take this opportunity to remind you that IP UserGroup International also operates beyond the shores of the USA. The organization has established hubs in the UK run by myself and my team, Latin America, organized by Pablo Reyes and his team in Quito Ecuador and our newly formed hub in India, based in New Delhi and headed up by Yash Patel. Expand your horizons - engage with one of our international partners!



We look forward to continuing our relationships in the future, further strengthening the drive towards wholesale adoption of IP across the industry, raising standards and increasing the professionalism of the sector.

I would like to thank you for your support over the past 12 months and believe that together we can ensure that 2013 is both successful and prosperous.

Kind Regards

Paul Hennings – Director IP UserGroup International

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