IP UserGroup International

The IP UserGroup is an unique International Security and Safety technology forum with 40,000+ Members in 85 countries and operational hubs servicing the UK & Europe, USA & Canada, the Indian sub-continent and Latin America.

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International Members

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IP UserGroup UK/EU

The IP UserGroup, the world's fastest growing security technology forum

The forum that represents more than 120 of the most advanced Manufacturers, Developers and integrators of Security, BMS and IT Technology and has a quality audience of over 16,000 registered members in the UK and Europe.

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IP UserGroup India

IP UserGroup Looks East for New Opportunities

Following the success of the IP UserGroup operations in the UK, USA and Latin America and in view of the recent comments concerning the opportunities in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) the IP UserGroup is now looking East.

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IP UserGroup Latin America

El Centro para el Aprendizaje y Conocimiento de la Seguridad Física en Red

An exciting venture by the organisation and based in Quito, Ecuador, IP UserGroup Latino is the spanish language version of the UK & USA operations. Serving the Spanish speaking Latin American Market from Mexico to Patagonia and Managed by Pablo Reyes.

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IP UserGroup USA

The Center for Networked Physical Security Knowledge & Learning

Based in Florida USA, IP UserGroup USA serves the United States of America and Canada. Managed by Susan Brady, the IP UserGroup in the USA was launched at ISC West Las Vegas in 2005 and has developed into a strong, vibrant and respected source of information and expertise.

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