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Inteligent Security Systems
Aspen Corporate Park
1480 U.S Highway 9 North, Suite 202
Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Telephone: 732 855 1111 



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Company Profile: Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) is a leading developer of security surveillance and control systems for networked digital video and audio recording, video image pattern processing and digital data transmission. ISS systems can be integrated with access control systems, fire and life safety, and can be made compatible with virtually any third party security equipment. The company's roots are in space technology, dating back over fifty years, and this considerable pool of scientific and engineering talent has brought their significant research and development capabilities to bear in the field of integrated security systems.

Product Profile: The SecurOS software solution is a VMS system with built in License Plate Recognition (LPR), Container Recognition, Facial Capture and Recognition, and Traffic Monitoring and provides an unprecedented level of decision and reaction support capabilities, and provides some key advantages, including the ability to read letters and numbers horizontally as well as vertically, and in the most trying of weather and traffic conditions. SecurOS is ideal for a wide range of security applications, including banks, casinos, traffic tunnels and highways, shipping ports, city-wide surveillance, prisons, airports, train stations, and retail operations.



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