Mission Statement
What the IP UserGroup stands for?

• Build a platform upon which IP base products and services can be presented and understood by potential customers.

• Increase understanding and acceptance of IP Networked Technology across a wide range of security and BMS applications.

• Bring together potential users and suppliers to push the boundaries beyond security and BMS applications.

Fundamentally what is the IP UserGroup?

The IP UserGroup™ is a community with a specific interest in IP Networked Technology and its utilisation in Security & Building Management.

The IP UserGroup ™ aims to increase understanding and acceptance of IP Networked Technology across a wide range of applications.

The IP UserGroup ™ is the centre of education and knowledge for IP Networked based Technology.

The IP UserGroup ™ provides a unique route to market for its supporting companies utilising the very latest marketing techniques.

The IP UserGroup ™ is the host of the IP-in-Action LIVE™ regional events.

The IP UserGroup ™ is supported by the regular full colour membership electronic / printed publication, IPfocusUSA®.

The IP UserGroup ™ is Affiliated to a global community hence truly international and offering worldwide exposure in more than 68 countries.

The IP UserGroup ™ maintains a 24/7 website portals containing a wide range of educational, technical and commercial information, News , Views and Comment.

The IP UserGroup ™ is supported by the most influential and respected companies from across several industry sectors.

The IP UserGroup ™ is independent giving it unprecedented access to other organisation, trade associations and the international media.

The IP UserGroup ™ is well established, recognised, respected and growing.

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