Seminars & workshops
Getting to grips with the technology

Seminars, Presentations and Conferences

There are numerous opportunities to speak at events across the globe, as Affiliate members. Contributions at IP-in-Action LIVE meetings, conferences and exhibitions provide an ideal platform to present both your company and vision of the future to an eager and knowledge hungry audience.

Technical explanations, case study presentation, comment or opinion are invaluable in a pre-competitive market and will assist in encouraging potential users of the technology to take the plunge with confidence.

Workshops and Tabletop Exhibitions

IP-in-Action LIVE provides opportunities to get equipment and products in front of, or even into the hands of potential buyers. Tabletop exhibition space is made available to Affiliate and non-affiliate members to demonstrate in an informal atmosphere the true benefits of IP technology.

Although spaces are limited by the venues, these opportunities have proved extremely popular and a valuable way of spending quality time with quality people on a one to one basis. (see: IP-in-Action LIVE).

Exhibitions & Conferences

Organising and attending exhibitions and conferences are an essential part of the IP UserGroups Educational Programme.

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