Keys to Identifying your IP Customers
IP-in-Action LIVE San Francisco Features Sales and Technology Techniques
IP technology education is at the core of IP UserGroup USA and its IP-in-Action LIVE events. The latest LIVE program in San Francisco, CA on November 18, 2008, went even one step further. It kicked off with a keynote on how to make money from IP technology. The Opening Keynote “Increase Revenues and Customer Loyalty with IP Security," featured Bob Harris, Founder, The Attrition Busters.

Your first task is to evaluate your customers, Harris asserts. “Proactively analyze your customer base effectively to identify them--their present and future needs,” said Harris.

Ask yourself: who are my most profitable customers; what are the right products; what are the right channels and what are the most effective sales and retention techniques?
The perception that your customers should come away with is that they will “save money by buying multiple services from a single trusted provider,” Harris commented.
Increased loyalty of existing customers decreases the costs incurred to acquire new business, according to Harris. It also reduces having to depend on “lowest price” as a marketing strategy. Harris points out that selling IP technology will bring you increased margins, higher profits and a greater market share.
Attendees at IP-in-Action LIVE San Francisco received a complete understanding how IP technology works as well as how to incorporate the many features made possible by IP products into security installations.
The full line up of educational presentations following the Keynote included:  
   • Cisco Network Excellence Program “Issues Deploying Physical Security on IP Networks,” Dennis Charlebois, Director of Product Management & Marketing, Cisco Systems.
   • Emerging Technology “Enhance Your IP Surveillance System with Video Analytics” Sagy Amit, Director of Sales Engineering, ioimage.
   • IP Solutions “IP Imaging Enhancements with All-Digital Imaging Technology,” John Monti, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Pixim Inc.
   • Video Master Class “Open Platform Solutions in IP Surveillance,” Mark Wilson, Marketing Director, Americas, Milestone Systems.
   • The Business Case - Real Applications and End User Benefits “IP Video Security at San Francisco International Airport,” Don Tennyson, A&E Business Development manager, Pelco, Eric Yee, Special Systems Administrator, San Francisco International Airport.
A hands-on mini trade expo is another favorite for attendees at IP-in-Action LIVE events. Exhibitors participating in IP-in-Action LIVE San Francisco included: Arecont Vision, Axis Communications, Brivo Systems, CBC America, DVTel, Exacq Technologies, GarretCom , IQinVsion, Milestone Systems, NovusEdge, Nouu Inc., On-Net Surveillance Systems, Panasonic Security Systems, Pelco, Pixim, Presto Networks, ScanSource Security Distribution, TimeSight Systems and VideoProtein.
To review the presentations from IP-In-Action Live San Francisco click on the links below:
Following is the 2009 Schedule for IP-in-Action LIVE:
   • February 10, 2009 - LA
      Pasadena Convention Center
   • May 12, 2009 - NYC
      New York City AMA Executive Conference Center
   • August 11, 2009 - Dallas
      Cityplace Conference Center
   • November 17, 2009 - Atlanta
      Facility to be announced
By Susan Brady
Managing Director, IP UserGroup USA


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