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Sesys Inc
3551 East Millcreek Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84109

Telephone: 801 738 7126



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Company Profile: With over 14 years experience in vision technology,SeSys specializes in networked vision systems for both urban and the most remote sites, even those without power or conventional communications infrastructure.  Fast deployment (less than 15 minutes, guaranteed) and high image quality are the cornerstones of SeSys technology.  SeSys has a global footprint with offices in the UK and the US supporting our customer’s surveillance and CCTV needs around the world.

Fixed installation, semi-permanent and temporary solutions are provided using one or a variety of SeSys off-the-shelf products.  We make use of leading edge technology (3G cellular, Broadband etc…) and apply them to make our products more reliable and easy to use (Smartphone and web enabled).

Product Profile: The Torch camera by SeSys is an off-the-shelf hand-held networked vision system for rapid deployment (fully working in less than 15 minutes, guaranteed) requiring no additional software or hardware installation. With an on-board battery, 3 Mega pixel digital IP camera, low power requirement (less than 10 W), images and video streams are instantly accessed over the Internet on smart phones, iPad and laptops using cellular and WiFi technology.

Our versatile solutions can be adapted for any surveillance or CCTV needs, be it viewing inaccessible hazardous areas or simply keeping an eye on border security. SeSys solutions are cost effective as there is no software to purchase or install.



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