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Primary Business: VideoIQ,® Inc. is the technology leader in video analytics. VideoIQ acts as a digital guard that transforms video surveillance into a dynamic, real-time, intelligent system for guarding against intruders, and gaining early warning of security breaches. It delivers the industry’s best detection accuracy and far fewer false alarms than conventional systems, requiring human response only when a real event takes place. VideoIQ is the only company to offer plug-and-play installation and self-learning capabilities that enable systems to automatically learn and adapt to their environment. The result is rapid implementation and lower total cost of ownership for customers. VideoIQ is backed by top-tier investors Atlas Venture and Matrix Partners.

Product Profile: The VideoIQ 800HD Smart Video Analyzer is the most accurate and reliable video analytics in the market. It acts as a digital guard, transforming video surveillance into a dynamic, real-time system for early warning and security protection across nearly any environment and under any conditions. VideoIQ continuously watches for and recognizes important events, and automatically alerts people when one is detected - just as you would want a guard to do. Yet the VideoIQ 800HD never blinks, looks away, or falls asleep. It watches non-stop for critical events, captures video clips of security breaches, and sends this information remotely for response.

Investor Information: Secured $8 million in a Series A funding round from Atlas Venture and Matrix Partners, completed the spinout of its business from GE Security, and assembled an extraordinary management team.


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