VIVOTEK Keeps India’s Oldest Library Collection Safe and Sound

While the Library owns many valuable items, its most recurrent security issue has been visitors thoughtlessly tearing pages out of books or otherwise damaging them. Lost and stolen books, disturbances resulting from loud conversations, and theft of stationery were other problems that administrators hoped an effective monitoring regime could help alleviate. 

  VIVOTEK Raises Standards for Members of Security

VIVOTEK INC. a leading brand in the IP surveillance industry, recently held VIVOTEK Warrior Academy (VWA) Taipei to raise internal standard and enhance core competence for staff. 

  VIVOTEK Expands to New Facility in San Jose, California

VIVOTEK USA, market leader in high-performance HD megapixel IP cameras, recently expanded its office facility by moving to San Jose to keep pace with significant growth. 

  Home Security Made Easy with VIVOTEK IP8133/33W

Home security is easier than ever now with VIVOTEK IP8133/33W, a 1-Megapixel cube network camera, known as an all-in-one compact device with privacy button and tamper detection enabled. 

  VIVOTEK Cameras Offer Maximum Security to the Doltone House in the Jones Bay Wharf Marina

The Jones Bay Wharf marina, developed in the early twentieth century in Darling Harbour, offers spacious berths for commercially registered super-yachts. The wharf is located right by one of the busiest entertainment districts in Sydney, Australia, where convention centers, aquarium, museums and attractions are within close proximity. 

  VIVOTEK IP8151 and IP8162 Now Supported by Milestone Systems

VIVOTEK IP8151/51P, IP8162/62P, IP8332, IP8352, IP8362, FD8134, FD8362/62E and SD8362E network cameras are now listed in Milestone Systems’ latest hardware support announcement for XProtect® Device Pack 5.7. 


Visonic Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of wireless home security and safety systems and components, is pleased to announce its technology partnership with VIVOTEK. Visonic’s PowerMaxExpress QuickFit Kit solution works in perfect synergy with many VIVOTEK cameras to deliver an enhanced surveillance solution.

  VIVOTEK Camera Serves as "Eye" for Chilean Miner Rescue Capsule

People around the world are breathing a collective sigh of relief with the news that the rescue of the 33 trapped Chilean mine workers has been a complete success.

  Historic Montana State Hospital Improves Security Monitoring Sixfold with VIVOTEK

Partnering with distribution partner Anixter and audio/video integrators Studio AV, the new security system features 75 VIVOTEK FD7160 2MP cameras running on an eXacq software platform. Featuring brilliant video clarity and a small, inconspicuous footprint, the FD7160 cameras were installed in hallways and rooms so that patients can be monitored and cared for immediately.

  VIVOTEK Helps Promote Students' Love of Learning at Peterson Middle School

The first VIVOTEK camera installed at the facility was a PZ7111 located on a small island on the freshwater marsh and can pan, tilt, and zoom to observe all areas of the habitat. Egrets often land in the marsh to hunt for crawfish, ducks may swim in the pond, and squirrels and gophers are also known to make their home in the area.

  Construction Material Store Buys Into Megapixel Surveillance with VIVOTEK

Two IP7160 megapixel cameras were installed in environments where the high image definition is best utilized. Instead of installing a cumbersome amount of standard VGA cameras, two separate megapixel cameras are able to cover the entirety as the 2MP sensor can offer a wide field of view with its 1600 x 1200 resolution.

  VIVOTEK Network Camera Installation in Lok Ma Chau and Lo Wu A Success

In Lok Ma Chau, five PZ6122 PTZ Cameras with enclosures are used for outdoor surveillance. The cameras were installed in the transportation areas to monitor buses, taxis, etc. For indoor surveillance, three SD6122V Speed Dome Cameras were placed at the Passenger Arrival Hall and another four wireless PZ6124 PTZ Cameras in the Passenger Departure Hall.

  Shandong Prison Installs VIVOTEK Megapixel Cameras for Proactive Surveillance Control

The VIVOTEK SD7151 Speed Dome cameras were installed in the public areas of the prisons, such as the mess halls, hallways, exercise yard, and work areas, where prisoners are most likely to spend a majority of their daytime hours and potentially cause disturbances.

  Lincoln Park Airport Enhances Homeland Security with VIVOTEK Network Cameras

Lincoln Park Airport is a 200 acre privately-owned public use airport located two miles north of Lincoln Park, New Jersey. With updated homeland security guidelines, the airport recently received state funding to obtain new security cameras.

  Sol Melia Santo Hotel Employs VIVOTEK for Cutting-Edge IP Surveillance

In order to manage security for the large number of guests, the hotel had entrusted the task to security guards, resulting in high personnel costs. With the goals of increasing efficiency and lowering costs in mind, the hotel manager decided to deploy a brand new state-of-the-art surveillance system.

  Daycare Webwatch and VIVOTEK Help Innovate Childcare Service

With the combination of old and new surveillance technology, Daycare Webwatch uses VIVOTEK video servers such as the VS2403 to convert analog CCTV cameras into a digital web-based system, which produces video streams that can be recorded onto dedicated computers or streamed to the web that allow any parent or grandparent to watch online and on demand.

  VIVOTEK Secures Virginia's Wise County Schools

Wise County, located near the coal production fields of southwestern Virginia, bills itself as "The Safest Place on Earth". With security being a top priority, the school district needed to make sure that they are well-protected with the selection of an appropriate surveillance system. Considering the unique requirements of each campus and evaluating several vendors, the schools entrusted the crucial task to VIVOTEK, a leader in IP Surveillance.

  VIVOTEK, NUUO Jointly Enhance Security in Guatemala

The FD7131 cameras were installed in various locations around the building, including the main streets, entrances, hallways, information offices, and parking lots, and are connected to NUUO's NVR platforms for instant storage.

  VIVOTEK Strengthens CPCC's Security

The wide coverage and stunning detail of the IP7161 camera's images has already significantly improved security at the each of the stations. Not only can managers receive smooth video streams for immediate and accurate identification, the high-resolution images also facilitate future case investigation.

  VIVOTEK Announces New Manufacturer's Reps in the U.S. and Canada

VIVOTEK USA is pleased to announce the addition of several rep firms in North America which will represent VIVOTEK products in their respective markets.

  VIVOTEK Wins NT$1.3 Billion Taipei City Surveillance Project

VIVOTEK is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with system integrator MiTAC to help the Taipei city government create a safer, more pleasant environment by installing comprehensive IP surveillance systems throughout the city. Over 10,000 points across Taipei City will be covered, including the Taipei City Police Department, police precincts, and local police stations.

  VIVOTEK Megapixel Website Comes Online

VIVOTEK is pleased to announce the launch of a website detailing megapixel surveillance and VIVOTEK's full range of megapixel network cameras.

  VIVOTEK and SeeTec Join Forces for IP Surveillance

VIVOTEK is pleased to announce its cooperation with SeeTec, the leading central management software vendor in Europe. Both companies will join hands to provide their customers with more tailor-made IP surveillance solutions boasting higher flexibility and more easy-to-use functions. The alliance further reinforces VIVOTEK's presence in Europe.

  VIVOTEK and Face-Tek Join Forces for Intelligent Surveillance

VIVOTEK launched a new partnership with Face-Tek, a Taiwan-based face recognition solution provider. The two companies will collaborate on developing more intelligent IP surveillance solutions to cater to customers' needs.

  Brazilian Subway Goes Digital with VIVOTEK IP Surveillance System

Since its establishment in early 2000, the Brazilian subway system, which carries an average of 140,000 passengers everyday, has become indispensable to Brazilian citizens. However, the growing number of passengers has brought various security and management problems to the Brazilian subway company. In the past, the company relies on security patrols to maintain security in the stations.

  VIVOTEK New 7000 Series Gain Support from EVT Apex and Vertex

VIVOTEK announced that both EVT's video management platforms Apex and Vertex are supporting VIVOTEK's new 7000 series network cameras

  VIVOTEK in Alliance with GVD

VIVOTEK is pleased to announce its new partnership with GVD, a Taiwan-based IP surveillance system deverloper. The partnership launched with the addition of support for several VIVOTEK 7-series models, namely IP7138, PZ7151 and SD7151, in GVD's network video recorders.

  VIVOTEK IP7142 Wins CPS Top 10 Innovative Security Product Award

Following the honor of GIT Security Award 2009, VIVOTEK IP7142 was granted the award of Top 10 Innovative Security Products 2008 by China-based CPS Magazine.

  VIVOTEK Wins ITMonth 2008's Outstanding I.T. Products Award

VIVOTEK has won the Outstanding I.T. Products Award in the category of software/hardware system integration presented by ITMonth 2008 for innovative IT products. The award is a recognition of VIVOTEK's competence and efforts in integrating advanced surveillance technologies with reliable hardware design.

  Aimetis Symphony™ Standard License Supports VIVOTEK IP7251 Intelligent Network Camera

VIVOTEK IP7251 is an intelligent video content analysis network camera powered by the Aimetis VE Series™ algorithm, VE250. The VE250 is a zero-configuration video analytic engine capable of several intelligent features including detection of tampering, loitering and moving objects. Further strengthening the solution, Aimetis Symphony™ intelligent video surveillance software will now support the IP7251 intelligent features in its Standard version of the software.

  VIVOTEK Ranked 41 in Security 50

VIVOTEK is pleased to announce that it has been listed at 41 in Security 50 by A&S International, a ranking of the world's top 50 security companies in the sectors of CCTV, digital surveillance, biometrics, access controls, and intercoms based on their financial performance. Moving up from 49 in 2007, VIVOTEK not only managed to maintain double-digit growth in revenue and profit, but gained increased visibility for its brand name.

  OV10620 a Key Component of VIVOTEK’s New Outdoor Network Camera

OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: OVTI), a leading independent supplier of CMOS image sensors,  announced that its OV10620 high dynamic range (HDR) CameraChip has been selected by VIVOTEK Inc., a leading global IP surveillance provider, for use in the company's first all-in-one outdoor day/night HDR network camera, IP7142. The design win marks the first time that a commercial security product is being built using a single-chip CMOS HDR solution.

  Synology Develops New Firmware for VIVOTEK Network Cameras

With the September release of the updated Disk Station Manager 2.0 firmware, Synology is so glad to announce the cooperation with VIVOTEK. The cooperation further consolidates their presence on the emerging IP surveillance market.

  VIVOTEK PT7137 with Impressive Low Light Performance

PT7137 demonstrated impressive low-light performance at 1.5 Lux and delivers secure wireless connection with WEP and WPA encryption. "We are impressed with how well the camera handled very low light levels and general movement at 30fps on maximum resolution was reasonably smooth." said Dave Mitchell, author of TrustedReviews, "We also found the internal microphone worked ell as it didn’t introduce the customary one second lag often found with IP cameras."

  VIVOTEK USA Grand Opening Set for September

VIVOTEK is pleased to announce that its US subsidiary, VIVOTEK USA, will have the grand opening in September. Due to continuously increasing businesses in the United States, which accounts for a major share of VIVOTEK’s total sales, VIVOTEK decided to set up its subsidiary, VIVOTEK USA, in California.

  VIVOTEK IP7151 Receives Good Ratings from Security Installer

VIVOTEK IP7151 was rated “Very Good” on a five-star scale in a test conducted by Security Installer. The test consists of seven aspects, including design and design features, circuitry and components, ease of installation and wiring, range and variety of functions, accompanying instructions, technical advice and backup, and value for money.

  VIVOTEK and NUUO Team Up for New Surveillance Platform

VIVOTEK is pleased to announce that its SIA partner NUUO has successfully integrated its NVRmini recording platform in VIVOTEK's network camera portfolios. NVRmini is a Linux-based network video recording system that facilitates video viewing and playback through the Internet.

  EVT and VIVOTEK Join Efforts to Deliver Integrated Solutions

EVT, a provider of video management software, and VIVOTEK, a leading manufacture of IP Surveillance products, has announced tthe beginning of a cooperation to integrate Vivotek's complete line of products with EVT's video management software.

  VIVOTEK's 2.6x Pan-focus Pan/tilt/Zoom Network Camera PZ7151/PZ7152 Wins SecuTech Award 2008

VIVOTEK, once again, is so honored that its new product PZ7151/7152 received the most prestigious SecuTech Award 2008 within the "Digital Surveillance" category, and was also chosen as "the most favorite product" by SecuTech online readers. This award was announced at Asia’s largest international security exhibition SecuTech in Taipei, Taiwan.


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