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I believe that you as members are in a better position to identify the locations and timing of the future IP-in-Action LIVE events in the USA and as such I would like to ask you to help with this simple question.

In which Cities/States would you suggest that we organise future events in the USA (or even Canada) in the following months...
      November 2013
      Feb/March 2014
      May June 2014
      Aug/Sept 2014
      November 2014

In each case, to reach critical mass we need 16 -18 Exhibiting companies to participate and 6 - 8 speakers, lower than this and I would be forced to consider cancelling the events and I really do not want to do that.

I need you to think very carefully about the forthcoming schedule and your possible participation, maybe discuss with some of your partners or associated brand concerning getting involved to make the event bigger and better than before.

As I indicated previously, IP-in-Action LIVE is a partnership - we work extremely hard to organize and manage the event, get the high quality audience that we are famed for and introducing you and your colleagues to customers old and new. But we cannot do this alone and we rely heavily upon your involvement.

Since our inception in 2003 (ten years ago) we have organised 90 Security Technology events in 14 countries Worldwide presenting IP based security technology to approaching 8,000 individuals at road-show events and some 20,000 at major national events (IIPSEC UK).

I would appreciate any observations or comments concerning future events, I will be looking forward to your support so that we can move forward from success to success together.

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