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DVTel Announces New Megapixel AVT Cameras

The future of megapixel camera technology meets the needs of both CSO and CFO

DVTel, Inc., multiple award-winning market leader in the development and delivery of intelligent security solutions over IP networks, has announced  the latest in its series of Adaptive Visualization Technology (AVT) megapixel cameras.

The new AVT cameras achieve exceptional 16 CIF resolution video quality, with
extremely low bandwidth and storage requirements, by incorporating DVTel’s unique
AVT algorithms at the network edge, advanced MPEG-4 compression, and multicasting
technologies. DVTel AVT megapixel cameras produce more than four times the image
clarity of a 4 CIF IP camera while using only about 20% of the average MJPEG IP
camera storage and bandwidth—making them an ideal choice when image quality,
bandwidth needs, and storage costs are key considerations.
Designed for the CSO, these AVT cameras will also appeal to the CFO. DVTel now
offers the popular Pro Series and the new Megapixel cameras at the same price. This
gives the end user the freedom to choose the camera that best suits the demands of the
installation without increasing the project budget. While improving total cost of
ownership, DVTel’s AVT cameras require less bandwidth and less storage than
traditional MJPEG IP megapixel cameras.
DVTel’s patent-pending Adaptive Visualization Technology has been grabbing headlines
since the introduction SceneTracker, Access Control and Security Systems’ 2006 Product
of the Year. SceneTracker’s advanced real-time video stitching technology permits
multiple users to view wide vistas of high resolution imagery from anywhere on the
network using standard off the shelf workstations. The new AVT cameras, when used
with SceneTracker, support more megapixel images with greater image clarity and digital
zoom range when viewing both live and recorded scenes.
Smart AVT algorithms employed in DVTel’s megapixel cameras continuously adapt to
changing scene conditions to automatically improve and maintain picture clarity under a
wide range of real world surveillance conditions including full day/night operating
modes. Using AVT technology at both the edge and at the workstation substantially
improves workstation performance—an often overlooked problem facing today’s security
professional—as it allows the user to display more megapixel images using less CPU
power. DVTel’s AVT megapixel cameras address storage and workstation performance
issues without resorting to the bandwidth management “features” offered by legacy
megapixel cameras, which trade off image quality and frame rate to keep total system
costs in a competitive range.
DVTel President and CEO, Eli Gorovici, “Our AVT cameras represent the first practical
megapixel cameras designed to address the real needs of both the CSO and the CFO.”
The new AVT megapixel series successively complements DVTel’s product line: the
award winning iSOC software platform for IP video and access control and the full range
of IP cameras, comprised of more than 150 models including the price/performance
leading Value Series and the feature-rich Pro Series designed to perform under the most
demanding conditions.


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