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Corporate Membership
Find out more about how the IP UserGroup can deliver business to your company through live events, email distribution, printed e-zine publications, technology education and sales opportunities.
Subscription Rates
The IP UserGroup offers Subscription rates start from just 600 dollers per year. The prices are based on size of company (employees) and members can choose from one or five year membership periods.
Affiliate Benefits
Take a look at the endless benefits of being part of the group. Members will enjoy seminars, web entries, product promotions, speaking and technology launches to an IP hungry audiance.
Exhibit Inquiry
Take a tabletop and get your products in front of your customers at our next IP-in-Action LIVE Event.
Speaker Application Form
We are always on the look out for quaility presentations on technology and applications at our IP-in-Action LIVE Events.
Submit your company profile, news, latest Information and products and view links through our affiliate contributions.

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