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IP-in-Action LIVE California 2012

A beautifully sunny day, great food and the perfect venue to enjoy it all in, enhanced the experience for more than 75 security professionals at IP-in-Action LIVE California in Newport Beach, CA, on March 7, 2012. The successful event held at the Newport Beach Hyatt Regency is the first of four IP-in-Action LIVE seminar/expos held in 2012 by IP UserGroup USA. Introduced as the 2012 seminar theme, the new Partners on the Network Series is very well accepted. 

IP-in-Action LIVE Texas 2011

With more systems integrators and end users moving to networked security solutions, the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) Video Surveillance Project, presented at IP-in-Action LIVE Texas, represents the scope of the types of installs being made possible by new technology. Christopher Hugman, P.E., Vice President, Knight Security Systems, LLC, addressed the attendees at Sam Houston Race Park, Houston TX, during IP-in-Action LIVE Texas on November 9, 2011.  

IP-in-Action LIVE Connecticut 2011

IP-in-Action Connecticut breezed into the Inn at Middletown in Middletown, CT on August 24, 2011, several days prior to Hurricane Irene bringing torrential rains and wind to the area. Key representatives from security firms, hospitals, banks, education and IT were not only treated to informative presentations the entire day was spent networking with leading IP company representatives. 

IP-in-Action LIVE Georgia 2011

IP-in-Action LIVE Georgia saw a strong showing of security industry professionals eager to learn more about IP Security Technology. The beautiful venue, The Carter Center, Atlanta, GA, served as the backdrop for IP-in-Action LIVE Georgia, an event that delivered high impact security technology content and products. 

IP-in-Action LIVE Florida 2011

IP-in-Action Live FL delivers on its quality technical program and leading IP vendor exhibitors, enjoyed by high level end users, systems integrators, IT and other security industry attendees. Held at the Kovens Conference Center in North Miami, FL, the event brought in attendees from companies such as Norwegian Cruise Line, Gainesville Regional Utilities, Integrated Security Systems, Moka Inc, Benham Protective Services and All Things Digital, to name a few. A true networking event, the group enjoyed a full day of learning, feasting and communicating together. 

IP-in-Action LIVE Illinois 2010

One of the reasons IP is not taking over analog yet can be attributed to a standards issue. Like the beta vs. VHS of the early days of video and the more recent Blue-ray vs. HD-DVD, integrators and end users are hesitant to jump into the market not knowing who the winner will be in the standard standoff between The Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) and the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA). 

IP-in-Action LIVE Massachusetts 2010

A diverse group of topnotch security professionals attended IP-in-Action LIVE Massachusetts on August 4, 2010, eager to learn more about IP Security technology. Sponsored by the IP UserGroup USA, the networking technical forum held at the Conference Center at Waltham Woods, Waltham, MA, IP-in-Action LIVE Massachusetts, brought together over 100 security industry representatives and showcased the latest IP Security equipment available to the market

IP-in-Action LIVE Los Angeles 2010

Security industry executives speaking at the IP User Group USA's IP-in-Action LIVE forum at the Pasadena Conference Center on February 9 discussed analog versus IP, cloud-based surveillance, image quality considerations and several other key trends.

IP-in-Action LIVE Atlanta 2009
The IP UserGroup USA Technical Forums present a cost effective way for security integrators and end users to obtain the education needed to understand the benefits of IP security. On November 18, 2009, over 100 IP security industry representatives, systems integrators and end users gathered at IP UserGroup USA’s  IP-in-Action LIVE Atlanta, held at the AMA Conference Center, Atlanta, GA, to discuss the economics of IP in terms of return on investment: using the latest technology to be more efficient and save money. 
IP-in-Action LIVE Dallas 2009

The IP UserGroup USA’s Technical Forum, IP-in-Action LIVE Dallas, hosted a sophisticated group of over 100 IP security industry representatives, systems integrators and end users, sharing the latest information on IP technology. The August 11, 2009, IP-in-Action LIVE Dallas, held at Cityplace Conference Center, Dallas, TX, featured a full day of exceptional presentations and a tabletop expo comprised of the leaders in IP Products and Services. 

IP-in-Action LIVE New York 2009

A better understanding of IP technology was brought about by IP UserGroup USA and its Corporate Members at the IP-in-Action LIVE New York City technical forum on May 12, 2009, New York, NY. Attentive seminar attendees asked key questions and showed an eagerness to learn more about the information being offered by leading experts in IP Security.

IP-in-Action LIVE Los Angeles 2009
IP-in-Action LIVE San Francisco 2008

IP technology education is at the core of IP UserGroup USA and its IP-in-Action LIVE events. The latest LIVE program in San Francisco, CA on November 18, 2008, went even one step further. It kicked off with a keynote on how to make money from IP technology.

IP-in-Action LIVE Chicago 2008

Includes Keynote from Steve Hunt - Hunt Business Inteligence, presentations from Dennis Charlebois - Cisco, Alex Swanson - Indigovision and many others...

IP-in-Action LIVE Washington DC 2008

The IP-in-Action LIVE Washington, DC educational line-up covered everything from the basics of IP security and surveillance systems to advanced IP technology applications. The presentations were set up to provide the building blocks needed to understand how IP technology works in physical security systems from video surveillance and access control to visitor management and storage solutions.

IP-in-Action LIVE Orlando 2008

A record breaking 27 exhibitors greeted attendees at the latest IP- in-Action LIVE event put on by the IP UserGroup USA, at the Lakeland Center, Lakeland, FL, on February 12, 2008. After a full day of product demos and educational presentations, participants walked away with a wealth of knowledge about IP technology.

IP-in-Action LIVE Dallas 2007

From mega pixel camera technology and access control over the Internet to video analytics and storage, IP products abound at the IP-in-Action LIVE Dallas technical forum, put on by the IP UserGroup USA. The sold out expo was the backdrop to the comprehensive educational program presented to a large crowd in attendance at Cityplace Conference Center, Dallas, TX on November 6, 2007.

IP-in-Action LIVE Boston 2007

More than 125 people, integrators, end users, manufacturers and consultantsn showed up at the Forefront Center for Meetings and Conferences on August 14 to listen to panel discussions, case studies and educational sessions at the IP UserGroup's Boston Security Technology Conference & Exhibition.

IP-in-Action LIVE Los Angeles 2007

Includes Keynote from Eric Fullerton - Milestone, presentations from Steve Van Till - Brivo, Cosimo Malesci - Fluidmesh and many others...

IP-in-Action LIVE New York 2006

Extracts from the presentations at IP-in-Action LIVE New York, including audio files.


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