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Steve Collen
Cisco Deploying IP-based Physical Security Systems 6.22MB Click here
Richard Hollinger
University of Florida Identifying Retail Theft: Statistics and Solutions
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Paul Murphy  IndigoVision  True IP Video Security 5.1MB Click here 
Cosimo Malesci Fluidmesh Wireless Mesh Technology for Video Surveillance Applications 8.30MB Click here
Paul DiBerardino Video Protein A Nationwide Rollout by Community Loans of America  1.2MB  Click here 

A record breaking 27 exhibitors greeted attendees at the latest IP- in-Action LIVE event put on by the IP UserGroup USA, at the Lakeland Center, Lakeland, FL, on February 12, 2008. After a full day of product demos and educational presentations, participants walked away with a wealth of knowledge about IP technology.

It used to be that shrinkage was the major concern of retailers but today even Mall property owners need to concern themselves with having up-to-date security systems in their facilities. The slaying of a mother and her young daughter at the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, FL, and the killing spree that occurred on December 5, 2007, at the Von Maur department store in the Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE, have put all retails venues "on notice" about the security measures required to protect patrons.

A lawsuit has been filed in Palm Beach County Circuit Court against Town Center owner Simon Property Group, contending that both Boca Raton police and Mall patrons put Simon officials on notice about "certain serious security problems," yet Mall officials acted with reckless disregard for patrons' safety by failing to take security measures. Now retail establishments are taking a new look at the types of solutions out there to solve their security needs. In addition, one very important concern that is not going away for every retailer is that shrinkage remains a major factor eating at the bottom line of retail profits. It also has to be addressed by using the best solutions available. The good news is IP can fit the bill on all levels.
IP-in-Action LIVE Orlando’s Opening Keynote, “Identifying Retail Theft: Statistics and Solutions,” featured Richard Hollinger, Professor, University of Florida. Hollinger offered insight into the scope of the shrinkage problem so that attendees could see where IP solutions apply. The annual financial impact of shrinkage on retails sales is over $40.5 billion,” Hollinger stated. The system features loss prevention officials are looking for, according to Hollinger, include remote monitoring over the Internet, live video surveillance, POS Data Mining, POS Exception and web-based case management.

The “Case Study on Video Management: A Nationwide Rollout by Community Loans of America,” followed Hollinger’s report. Presented by Paul DiBerardino, Executive Vice President of Sales for VideoProtein, Community Loans of America is a leading provider of short-term consumer finance loans with over 600 nationwide locations.

There were no existing security systems in place at any of the loan offices, and the company was experiencing significant shrink from both internal and external theft. Jim Strickland, CIO at Community Loans of America explained, “With concerns for safety and the financial impact of theft and property destruction, CLA was looking for a solution that could be easily implemented across our nationwide enterprise; yet provide central monitoring from our corporate headquarters.”

VideoProtein was selected to implement a video surveillance solution for CLA, according to DiBerardino. “VideoProtein began rollout of 2-4 camera installations at each CLA store, with over 120 locations currently up and running, and with implementation now being expanded to 600+ stores nationwide,” he stated.

VideoProtein 3.0 allows management and security personnel to view live, recorded and archived video from thousands of cameras at different store locations simultaneously, with high quality images. If a critical event occurs, authorized users or police can all access live video remotely. Recorded video can be used in conjunction with any access control or alarm system to help prevent vandalism, theft, and arson. Images recorded during an alarm event can also be sent via email to specified users and SMS text messages with video to mobile devices.

In the next session, Master Class, “True IP Video Security," Paul Murphy, VP of U.S. Sales, IndigoVision, explained how access control and alarm components integrate with video. “Traditionally all components were separate,” he said. However, technology advancements have meant that systems can now be effectively networked, he added.
IP means that all components can be easily integrated into a single security solution. “Most alarms are not IP enabled,” Murphy explained. “Video is a difficult component of security integration due to huge potential bandwidth restrictions. Access control requires little data- very easy to network with little potential damage to network.” Murphy also compared the advantages and disadvantages of multi vendor integration and the single source approach.

The next presentation focused on Emerging Technologies.  “Wireless Mesh Technology for Video Surveillance Applications,” by Cosimo Malesci, Director, Fluidmesh Networks,acquainted attendees on the innovative technology and how it is being used by more and more integrators to meet critical security and surveillance needs. In a wireless mesh network, every mesh unit not only transmits data packets coming from the cameras directly attached to it, but can also forward packets coming from other mesh units through the optimal path,” Malesci said, adding, the unmatched reliability and flexibility that a mesh-capable transmitter offers is making wireless mesh the preferred network architecture for high-end wireless video-surveillance systems.

During the IP-in-Action LIVE Orlando Roundtable, moderated by Network-Centric Security Editor, Steve Titch, “One World: Bringing Access Control, Fire and Other Systems to the Network,” panelists Reuben Orr, director of business development for Brivo; Scott Sereboff, CEO of Veracity USA; and Steve Bowcut, Business Development Manager for PCSC discussed the net effect integration of access, video and environmental sensors has on total cost of ownership. Panelists also cited the advantages integration offers for installation and scalability.

The question of what new skills will be required to take on the convergence of security systems and IP networking--and how best to acquire them--drew the most audience participation. Attendees and panelists engaged in a spirited exchange as to how today’s successful security installers can continue to thrive in the face of growing competition.

The Cisco Network Excellence Program, “Deploying an IP-based Video Surveillance System,” presented by Steve Collen, Marketing Director for Physical Security products, Cisco Emerging Markets Technology Group, rounded out the day. Collen moved the audience along from traditional safety and security systems to converged and IP-based video surveillance systems, discussing issues such as design and bandwidth management. He also shared an “up close and personal” case study illustrating the benefits of IP called, “Cisco on Cisco.”
One of the key benefits of an IP-based video surveillance system, according to Collen, is that police departments can have immediate access to monitoring and capability to extend monitoring to first responders for prompt response and resolution. It reduces personnel monitoring requirements by discovering safety incidents automatically,” Collen continued, “and saves money and time over traditional system maintenance and operations.”
Participating Exhibitors at IP-in-Action LIVE Orlando included: AGI Security ~ Arecont Vision ~ Avigilon~ Axis Communications ~ Brivo Systems ~ Cisco ~ CBC (America) Corp. ~ DVTel ~ Exacq Technologies, Inc. ~ Fluidmesh Networks, Inc. ~ Garretcom ~ Genetec ~ Impath Networks ~ IQinVision ~ Milestone Systems ~ Mobotix ~ On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. ~ Panasonic Security Systems ~ Pivot3 ~ PCSC ~ ScanSource Security Distribution ~ Security Products ~ Sony ~ Steelbox ~ Veracity USA ~ Videolarm ~ VideoProtein.

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