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Company Profile: KeepYourIP is an IP based company providing you with your own secure IP address that you can keep and own so that you can program your alarm panels with a more secure and reliable connection to the Central Station Receivers. With this availability you will be able to control your IPdestiny and route your IP addresses as needed on the fly to protect your client's best interest. KeepYourIP's team is made up of Telecommunications Engineers, web designers, and back end integration specialist all with central station experience; collectively the principals bring almost 100 years of combined experience in these fields. We understand the concepts of "always on", "has to work every time" and that being down is not an option. That is why we have 2 Data centers one in Miami and one in Irvine California with back up equipment to make sure that you will never experience any down time. Let KeepYourIP build your secure connection today.
Product Profile: IP Forwarding for the IP alarm panel to communicate to central station receivers. 

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